More About Us

The Funeral Flower Shop is a Melbourne speciality funeral flower store that focuses on providing customers with premium floral arrangements for the passing of loved ones. Whether it's a close friend, relative or work colleague there are flowers suitable for the passing of both ladies, gentlemen and toddlers.


We understand that organising a funeral can be overwhelming for the family. Our service goes well beyond only making spectacular flower arrangements. Up until the point of delivery and beyond we ensure that your flowers are prepared, well presented and delivered to the service, home or business when requested. This involves calling the funeral service and confirming some details such as:-

1. The name of the deceased
2. The funeral time
3. The funeral location

This is something we do for each and every order. There is no room for error and we work tirelessly and have stringent measures to ensure that your flowers are always delivered at the precise time. All flowers are pre-ordered from the wholesale Melbourne Flower Market to ensure your flowers are fresh upon delivery - for this reason we are unable to provide same day delivery.

Our Guarantee

As Melbourne funeral flower specialists we take much pride in the work we do here. We acknowledge this is the last memorable tribute for this person and as such a very important one for the family. Every flower arrangement is made to order with fresh flowers to ensure the longevity of your arrangement. For this reason, we are unable to offer same day delivery. All our floral orders are made to order, and it's imperative that the flowers are of the highest quality and made to the highest standards. This is the last living tribute they will receive and we expect that it is received in the highest regard in terms of quality and presentation.
When customers place orders online, they sometimes enter the service time as 1 hour before the 'actual service'. They do this to ensure their flowers are there early and on time. This actually causes issues, because in some cases the church may have a funeral service prior to yours, which means your flowers may get collected in the previous service unknowingly. For this reason, all orders are confirmed with the funeral directors, times, dates and addresses. We ensure your flowers arrive to their location at the 'right time' to avoid your flowers from:

a. getting lost
b. going to the wrong service
c. wrong date
d. wrong address
e. correct Church name, but wrong suburb

Although they may seem like small things, but in the scheme of things small errors like time or date can cause major issues for your delivery.