Chinese Wreaths

Chinese Writing on Ribbons

We offer writing on ribbons in Simplified Chinese for all our wreaths. Ribbons can be added to any of our products. Simply order online and add your message in Chinese & our system will pass on the character set.

Custom Chinese Wreaths

We can also tailor the colour of your wreath, this includes the ribbons, flowers and base. We kindly request that customised orders are placed at least 24-48 hours in advance. We have included some of our most common styles and colours above and our customers feedback has always been very positive. The Funeral Flower Shop takes care in preparing, making & delivering your flowers to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

Ordering Flowers from a Funeral Home

Funeral Directors make it a convenient & easy way to order flowers for all the family, but there are drawbacks to this convenience. Please note that funeral homes often charge between 20-30% commission. Meaning that the florist may make your flowers 20-30% smaller. The Funeral Flower Shop DOES NOT work with funeral homes, we simply refuse to. All our flowers are ordered fresh for each and every order. We do not have a shopfront, so every aspect of our business is on-demand. If you call us to arrange flowers for same day delivery, we are unable to cater for this simply because we do not hold any stock, we only buy flowers for our orders. This applies for Chinese funeral tributes also.