Casket Flowers

The staff at The Funeral Flower Shop always ensure that your flowers are only the best available, they are hand selected for quality and freshness. Every order is specially cared for and prepared by our team. A floral casket is the centerpiece for any funeral memorial service. Our casket flowers are all custom made and pre-ordered to ensure they always look their best. Working with us will help you organise a much better floral arrangement at a much better price. We will contact the funeral home directly to organise delivery of you casket flowers.

Why should i order directly with the Florist?

Working directly with your florist means you will not pay commissions to funeral directors (if applicable). In some cases, ordering your flowers through a funeral homes can add up to 30% markup on your flowers - charging for their service of taking your order and passing it on to the florist. Another drawback is that the florist will most likely make the flowers at the discounted rate, which means the florist may even cut back on how many flowers they add to recover some of their costs. ie. 30% less! It's a lose - lose scenario for customers in these situations, often paying a premium price only to get an inferior product. Ordering direct through The Funeral Flower Shop means you will receive 100% of the flower value. No middle man and no commissions.