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New Funeral Flowers
  • Urn Wreath
    Urn Wreath
    This lovely wreath was requested by a customer. They selected some lovely lilac and lime flowers and then complimented w...
  • Photo Framed Wreath
    Photo Framed Wreath
    If you have enlarged a photo and would like to display it within a wreath we can cater for this. Once ready, our driver ...
We often receive special requests from our customers for unique designs and in most cases we can accommodate for this. Our florists have many years of experience and truly love the experience of making new designs. In many cases these new funeral flower designs will make their way onto this page! We often recommend to customers when they call to check out the latest wreath designs on this page because we only list the best we have on offer here. With new season's we always find unique & new designs that are simply captivating, creating lasting memories of those we love.