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New Funeral Flowers
  • Seasonal Heart Wreath in White
    Seasonal Heart Wreath in White
    The heart funeral wreaths offer a beautiful tribute to farewell a beloved family member, friend or colleague. This stunn...
  • Wreath in White and Lime Tones
    Wreath in White and Lime Tones
    White with a splash of lime tones make this wreath a beautiful farewell tribute to farewell a beloved sister, brother, f...
  • White Sheaf
    White Sheaf
    The sheaves, also known as sprays are bouquets that can be layed flat. Generally, they are used for church & memorial se...
  • Roses Cross
    Roses Cross
    A beautiful cross wreath with stunning roses that can be tailored to any colour you prefer. This is a standout tribute t...
We often receive special requests from our customers for unique designs and in most cases we can accommodate for this. Our florists have many years of experience and truly love the experience of making new designs. In many cases these new funeral flower designs will make their way onto this page! We often recommend to customers when they call to check out the latest wreath designs on this page because we only list the best we have on offer here. With new season's we always find unique & new designs that are simply captivating, creating lasting memories of those we love.