Fluro Wreaths

Our Fluro range has been discontinued. Please contact us directly if you wish to place an order.

The Fluro range of wreaths come in an amazing display of colours. They are truly FLURO coloured! Being ink dyed directly from the farm means the process is undertaken in conditions that suit the flower most. The ink dying process can be tedious and time consuming for florists and many times not as effective. Ink Dyeing is the best way to colour Chrysanthemums. Some florists use spray paint from a can, but this leaves a heavy distinct paint smell and cannot compare to our ink dyed wreaths. Having the Chrysanthemums grown under the right conditions allows them to fully soak the dye and absorb much of it into their petals. The results can be seen in the images below and are truly spectacular.


Customisable Colours

If you're looking for a floral tribute that slightly differen't, something that will brighten the hearts of anyone nearby, the Fluro wreath will do exactly that. The range of colours vary from Copper, Hot Pink, Aqua, Lavender, Blue and our favourite Lime. The colour combinations can be anything that you could imagine. You can opt for contrasting colours to offer a vivid colour display, or even themed colours for football fans. This product is very customisable.


The fluro heart wreath below can be seen with Lime and Orange coloured Chrysanthemums. The choice for Rose colour can also be selected in the checkout along with the colour of the Chrysanthemums. The Fluro Chrysanthemums offer the Base colour of the wreath. They can be made as striking as you like, or matching. This is truly a unique and memorable floral tribute and one that will be the feature point for any ceremonial gathering.


The Fluro wreaths are full of colour, vibrancy and life. They celebrate a wonderful life lived or an unfortunate short life lost. The burst of colour adds a unique touch to any floral tribute and highlights a life that was full of colour and energy. The wreaths are suitable for the passing of babies, teenagers and even the elderly. Customers can customise the look and fell of their wreath to suit.

Ordering a Fluro Wreath

Please click an image from below if you would like to customise and order a Fluro wreath. Generally, we require 1-2 days to prepare the Fluro Wreaths. The Ink Dyed Chrysanthemums are custom ordered from the growers for your wreath. So please ensure you plan your purchase to allow us sufficient time to prepare.